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most of its production run it was a steady seller with both police officers and civilian shooters. The Registered Magnum morphed into the 357 Magnum, which morphed into the Model. The manufacturing changes made for a more affordable revolver, though mechanically the Highway Patrolman is the same as the more ornate Model. The top strap and frame rounds are bead blasted to achieve a matte appearance. A classic N frame revolver, the Highway Patrolman is blued, but it is not polished, saving labor costs.

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The Model 28 is unusual in that Smith Wesson removed, rather than added, features to the Model 27 to create it, in order to reduce production costs with no reduction in utility. By the early 1950s Smith Wesson returned to manufacturing many of its pre-World War II models, including the.357 Magnum, the descendant of the famous Registered Magnum. Other users edit, see also edit, references edit. S W responded with the Highway Patrolman (later renamed the Model 28 in 1957).

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Italy: Used by the Gruppo di Intervento Speciale. Norway: Used by the Norwegian Police Service (Norwegian: Politi- og lensmannsetaten). Adam und eve datierung zeigen niederlande.

Smith und wesson 28 2 datierung - Smith

S W Model. It is a budget version of the. The, smith Wesson (S W) Model 28, also known as the, highway Patrolman, is an N-frame revolver chambered for the.357 Magnum cartridge, in production from 1954 to 1986. Since this relatively deluxe model was the only revolver available for this cartridge at the time, police departments, as well as individual officers and private shooters, requested from Smith Wesson a more 3d erotikfilme schwul schwerin strictly utilitarian "budget".357 magnum revolver. Law enforcement agencies favored the Model 27, but its high-polish finish and labor-intensive topstrap checkering added expense with no added utility for a police carry gun.

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