Minutes from the Kick off meeting in Durham

Minutes from the Kick off meeting in Durham

Kick-off meeting of EU-Japan Collaborative Project LEMSUPER has taken place at the Department of Chemistry,  Durham University, October 16-17, 2012. Representatives from all project members discussed latest results and initiated lively and stimulating discussions. The meeting was co-chaired by professor Kosmas Prassides and professor Yoshihiro Iwasa, project coordinators from the EU and Japan side.

In addition to scientific discussions, several organisational issues were also agreed - among others schedule for forthcomming LEMSUPER meetings was set. Remarks from the EU Programme Officer, Dr. Erno Vanderweet and JST Programme Officer, Prof. Teruo Matsushita mainly addressed administrative and organizational issues.   

The meeting was closed in two Open Science Discussion Sessions to set up priorities until the next meeting in Tokyo.

Below you can find couple of pictures from this meeting and a list of participants.


Professor Akimitsu during the discussionProfessor Erio Tosatti during the discussion

Professor Kosmas Prassides during discussionProfessor Aoki during the discussion

Professor Iwasa during the discussion


group photo taken in front of Durham University

List of participants:

-         Jun Akimitsu, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

-         Hideo Aoki, University of  Tokyo, Japan

-         Denis Arcon, Institute Jozef Stefan, Slovenia

-         Claudia Felser, University of Mainz, Germany

-         Takayuki Hasegawa, JST, Japan

-         Yoshihiro Iwasa, University of Tokyo, Japan

-         Tomoko Kageyama, Osaka University, Japan

-         Takashi Kambe, Okayama University, Japan

-         Vadim Ksenofontov, University of Mainz, Germany

-         Yoshihiko Kubozono, Okayama University, Japan

-         Teruo Matsushita, JST, Japan

-         Esma Okur, Durham University, UK

-         Stuart Parkin, IBM Almaden, USA

-         Kosmas Prassides, Durham University, UK

-         Matthew Rosseinsky, University of Liverpool, UK

-         Katsuya Shimizu, Osaka University, Japan

-         Yasuhiro Takabayashi, Durham University, UK

-         Erio Tosatti, SISSA Trieste, Italy

-         Erno Vanderweet, EC

-         Wai Ching Wong, Durham University, UK

-         Ruth Zadik, Durham University, UK


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