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Two postdoctoral positions in SISSA Trieste, Italy

Funded through EU-Japan Project LEMSUPER, http://www.lemsuper.eu/, we open in SISSA Trieste two postdoctoral openings ("assegni di ricerca") in the area centered around electronic structure of molecular metals, insulators, and particularly superconductors, especially those based on light elements -- such as fullerides, doped polyaromatic hydrocarbons, but not only.

The ideal candidate has a a doctoral degree in physics or equivalent with a good theory background, deep understanding and strong motivation in either (position "1") electronic structure theory and phenomenology, based on DFT and possibly also quantum chemical calculations, including molecules, magnetism, and metals; or (position "2") strongly correlated electron theory and phenomenology, based on DMFT, NRG and many body calculations; or both.  Prior expertise in superconductivity is not a prerequisite but curiosity in this direction will be appreciated. The Trieste group leader is Erio Tosatti, http://sites.google.com/site/tosattierio/ ,  and other permanent collaborators include M. Fabrizio, http://www.sissa.it/cm/?page_id=256, M. Capone, http://superbadproject.wordpress.com,  G.E. Santoro, http://www.sissa.it/cm/?page_id=268 . The project will involve interactions with strong experimental and theory groups with frequent contacts in Europe and in Japan.  

Appointments will be for two years, renewable.  Take home salary will be around 2,300 Euro/month. Interested candidates should send a CV with a list of publications, and arrange at least two reference letters to E. Tosatti (tosatti@sissa.it).

As specified on http://www.sissa.it/main/?p=A3_B4&id=1075, formal applications should eventually be submitted to reach SISSA within 30 January 30th, 2012, at 1:00 p.m. (hard copy, via mail, courier, or fax-- email not accepted) for selection to take place according to SISSA rules.

SISSA is part of the wider Trieste scientific campus, which includes the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), the University of Trieste, the Synchrotron Facility Elettra and Free Electron Laser Fermi, the CNR-IOM Experimental TASC Laboratory, and the CNR-IOM Democritos National Simulation Laboratory-- the latter on SISSA's premises. All activities of SISSA are conducted in English, no knowledge of Italian  is required. SISSA offers help with children, with a subsidized kindergarden and other facilities within its premises. Trieste is situated in a beautiful geographic location. Renting a furnished  apartment in Trieste costs typically less than 500 E.

Trieste, December 5th, 2011

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